Fiancee Visa Process is Complicated foreign mail order brides Fiancee and Spousal visas are often denied due to the various ways local indigenous staff working at US consulates apply their cultural bias. Knowledge of how they work is needed. has personal ads from women from Asia, China, Russia that seek honest western men..

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I have helped clients successfully apply for their fiancee or spousal visas for many years. More and more of my clients today, come to me after being denied their visas, because they hired the wrong person to help them.

This process is always complicated. It is definitely NOT easy to do right the first time.  Mistakes made by NOT knowing HOW the system works, including not understanding the cultural
idiosyncrasies prevalent at the particular consulate handling your case,  may COST you an extra YEAR of separation.  Getting my experienced help, is the best insurance you can get to avoid heartache and loneliness.

For example: Is your Fiancee From China or Vietnam? The BAD news is that China and Vietnam Marriage Visa petitions are forced to meet the highest standards I have seen. Extra effort is needed to prove that your engagement or even marriage (in the eyes of the inspectors working in China or Vietnam) is genuine and "bona fide".  The GOOD news is I AM an expert, I always go "beyond the call of duty",  especially in helping my clients locate and demonstrate the proof needed to convince the most prejudiced local inspectors your petition should be granted. 
I know how to deal with the toughest countries.  
See my blog on:  China applies Higher Standards Marriage Visas  or Vietnam applies Stricter Standards for Marriage Visas

In fact,  1 in 10 of my clients  come to me AFTER their petitions were denied.  Sadly they already wasted time and money on expensive attorneys,  paying them  4 to 8 times my fees,  who did not really understand the unique procedures followed in each country, and  put minimal "fill in the blanks"  efforts, resulting in DENIAL of the petitions. These clients then come to me to salvage the situation, and apply the second time.  You can save time, money, and denial, by choosing to work with me, the FIRST TIME, and starting our  work together as early as possible so we can plan and implement a winning strategy..

With all due respect to my lazy competitiors, if you truly want your clients petition to be granted, there is much more involved in preparing a Fiancee or Spousal Visa petition then just filling in forms. To consistently get petitions approved, it takes extra and personal effort.

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