Should You Marry a Mail Order Bride foreign mail order brides The mail order bride sites are generally filled with women who are actively seeking marriage-minded men. has personal ads from women from Asia, China, Russia that seek honest western men..

Should You Marry a Mail Order Bride?

Author: Curt Webber

Every man who decides to marry a mail order bride has his own reasons. One good one is because the divorce rate among men who marry foreign women is dramatically lower than what you'll find among conventional marriages.

Another reason some men choose a mail order bride is because they want a more traditional type family life, the kind that prevailed many years ago with the woman staying home and taking care of the house, her husband and raising the kids. They've learned they can find that more easily with foreign women.

Meeting a woman online from a foreign country and deciding to marry her is much more accepted today than it was several years ago. Online dating in general continues to increase in popularity and today it's just as easy to meet someone from the other side of the world as it is to meet someone from the other side of town.

There are a few differences between mail order bride dating sites and general dating sites online. The mail order bride sites are generally filled with women who are actively seeking marriage-minded men. Sometimes referred to as marriage agencies, this type site is being seen more frequently every year.

A mail order bride is not the right choice for every man, of course, as some men don't like the scrutiny that often accompanies the choice to marry a foreign woman. Her family may want to `put him under the microscope' before they give their approval.

It's very important that you be open minded if you're considering marriage with a foreign woman. Her culture must be respected and honored; even in the areas it's different from your own. She may accept your customs and beliefs in time, but don't expect her to completely abandon her own.

In many of the countries popular for mail order brides, the decision to marry involves the bride's whole family. In many case, you'll be expected to visit her country and meet her family. If she lives in a very small town or village, you may even be introduced to the village leaders, since the people of the town highly regard the opinions of the leaders.

Be prepared that there are still narrow-minded people that will doubt the sincerity of your new bride's intentions. They may think she only wants to escape her own country, or just seeks citizenship. It will be your responsibility to set their thinking straight and defend your wife if the situation warrants it.

Some of those same closed-minded folks may think you decided on a mail order bride because you wanted a sex-slave or someone to keep your house clean and cook your meals without complaining. Your love and respect for your bride should be enough to put such nonsense to rest.

Obviously, these views are not main stream, and are only held by those people who still believe the outdated stereotype of mail order brides. But if you should encounter such prejudice, you need to be prepared to deal with it.
In fact, men who marry foreign women tend to have longer, happier marriages, according to studies that have been done. But it's a good idea to be aware of some of the issues you may face in addition to the differences in culture, before you decide if a mail order bride is the right choice for you.

When you've decided you can handle whatever issues come your way, spend time getting to know a woman before you ask her to leave her family and her country behind. While it's an awesome responsibility to take on a mail order bride, those who have done so have said it's the best decision they've ever made.

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