USCIS form G-325a for Fiancee Visas foreign mail order brides Form G-325a is used for Fiancee and Spousal visas. The new version has problems. Here you can download a copy of the last version that has not problems and is still acceptable. has personal ads from women from Asia, China, Russia that seek honest western men..

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The new USCIS G-325a has been released with technical flaws. This error may cause thousands of petitions to be bounced back to their petitioners

USCIS just released an updated version of its G-325A. This is the biographical information form, that has been used for many decades and is used in conjuction with MOST petitions filed at homeland security, including but not limited to Fiancee and Spousal visas.

The new form Revised: 06/12/09 does not ask any new questions. The only slight modification is that the styling is slightly more modern. As questions have not changed in many decades, previous versions are acceptable.

Whoever got the contract forgot to check his work. For instance, there are 8 data fields where a petitioner types dates, 6 of 8 will always be illegible when printed. I spoke with USCIS. "No problem, the petitioner can hand write in the dates". I know a lot of people, who after they carefully type the correct date in a fillable form, will not be checking to see that what they typed did not print properly.

A bigger issue is the print settings themselves. The original G-325 was a multicopy form that had carbon paper, or its equivalent so that the petitioner got 4 copies. Each copy identical except for its designation at the bottom of the page (1) Ident. ,(2) Rec. Br. , (3) C. , or (4) Consulate.

Earlier online pdf versions automatically printed out the 4 copies with the four unique identifiers at the bottom of the page. USCIS requires all four signed pages whenever the G-325A is submitted. Since carbons were always provided, or the online forms did this automatically, USCIS instructions rarely refered to the G-325A in the plural. Instructions always simply stated "file the G-325A". The underlining assumption was that all four copies constituted the form.

The latest version forgets that 4 pages are required and only prints one page. That is all well and good if only one page was required. Or if new instructions told users to print the form out four times. But that knowledge is not shared.

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How many petitioners will without specifically being instructed to, send in four copies of this new form?.

Too Few.

How many petitions submitted with only one page of new G-325a will be rejected.

Too many.

I reported this issue directly to USCIS. I hope they take action before too many new applications are delayed.

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There you will also find free downloadable copies of USCIS
including the new G-325a Rev: 06/12/09 (which I don't recommend using) and the previous acceptable edition
G-325a Rev: 07/14/06 which I use and recommend you use until the technical problems are corrected.

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